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Hustleware is the independent design practice of John Monte.

Having spent most of his career at digital agencies, John has worked on projects for some of the world's biggest brands. Subsequently, he co-founded a two-person studio that grew into a multi-awarded agency within a year. Nowadays, John provides the same agency-grade services and white-glove treatment to a select few clients worldwide. He also hates talking about himself in the third person — unless he's writing his bio.


Get the job of 4 people done with less than half the salary of one.

Hustleware brings the reliability of an in-house designer and the skills of a design agency.

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  • Strategy and Consulting

    Design is not just about making a bunch of pretty pictures. Looks matter, but you don't need to win beauty contests. You need to win customers again and again.

    Action Plans Design Guidance Creative Directions

  • Logo and Brand Identity

    Business goals plus bright ideas can make magic. Let us put our heads together to build a system that makes your brand look like a million bucks.

    Logos Visual Identities Style Guides Business Cards

  • Websites and Products

    These things can be somewhat complicated for business people. Hustleware is the tech junkie you can talk to without the nerdy acronyms and stuff.

    Websites Landing Pages SaaS Web Apps eCommerce

  • Social Media and Marketing

    Whether it's a head-turner on the street or something click-worthy and scroll-stopping online, your creative will always be on-brand — cohesively and consistently.

    Social Media Assets Ads Emails Flyers


Everything you have always wanted from a design service.

Get ready to say adios, sayonara, and au revoir to unreliable freelancers, overpriced agencies, and junior designers who take all their sick leaves in the first month.

Limitless design

No cap. Subscribe and request as many designs as you like.

Expedited turnaround

Get your design one at a time within a few business days.

Polished quality

Tweaked and tuned until your design hits the sweet spot.

Multiple brands

Create unlimited brand profiles that you can link to requests.

Seamless workflow

Track progress, reorder queue, and add requests with ease.


Async Slack chat. No calls or meetings to fill your calendar.

Invite your team

Bring your whole team if you need to at no extra cost.

Predictable pricing

No surprises. Pay the same fixed amount each month.

Scalable plans

Scale up or down as needed, and cancel at anytime.

White-label delivery

Unbranded deliverables without any mention of Hustleware.

Complete ownership

You own the designs delivered to you. Source files included.

Bespoke service

No templates. Every design is unique and made just for you.

Seasoned veteran

Work directly with a designer who has 15+ years' experience.

One-on-one support

Get personalized attention and a direct line of communication.

Highly exclusive

Subscription is limited to only one seat per month.

Collaboration made easy

It's as smooth as sipping a perfect cup of coffee on a Sunday morning.



No pesky proposals. No annoying contracts to sign. Subscribe to a plan and submit as many design requests as you need without worrying about individual project costs.



On average, you can expect your design to arrive within 2-3 business days. Monday to Friday. Approve design, give feedback or request changes until you're over the moon.



Let's keep going. Every design you request will be delivered one at a time, in the order of your priority, so keep those design requests coming.


There can only be one priority — only one slot available per month.

Next slot will be available in



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per month · billed monthly
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Questions? Answers.

  • How do I get started?

    Prospective clients are subject to a detailed screening process. There are a few questions to answer beforehand to see if we're a good fit, and we can go further from there if you qualify. You'll also get access to sample works, payment links, and other information.

  • What happens after I subscribe?

    You'll get a welcome email. You'll also receive an invite to join a private Slack channel and a kanban board that will be created for you, where you'll be able to make design requests and keep track of progress. At this point you can also ask your questions on Slack.

  • Who will I be working with?

    You'll be working directly with the founder of Hustleware, John Monte, who has over 15 years of design experience — which means you'll get personalized senior-level attention and top-notch service. A direct line of communication also removes any unnecessary layer of translation and brings you much closer to the process.

  • What does one active request at a time mean?

    Once subscribed, you can add as many requests in the backlog as you like. Each request will be completed one by one, and your request will be moved to the completed section in the kanban board once it's finished. Meanwhile, work can begin on the next request in the queue until you provide a feedback on the previous request.

  • How fast will I receive designs?

    It takes 2 business days on average to receive a first draft. Design projects, by nature, have a wide range of scopes. So for smaller tasks a delivery will usually mean a completed design. For complex requests, the task will be divided into milestones and delivered accordingly.

  • How many designs do I get in a month?

    It depends on how many requests you make and how big they are. The average turnaround time is 2-3 days so if you always have requests in your backlog and give prompt feedback, a lot of design work will get done each month.

  • Who owns the rights to the designs?

    You have 100% ownership of the designs the moment they're delivered. This includes the actual design and the source files.

  • What if I don't like the initial design?

    No worries. Your subscription includes unlimited changes until you're pleased with the result.

  • What design tools do you use?

    Most requests are designed using Figma.

  • What type of jobs aren't covered?

    Complex illustrations · Complex packaging · Complex photo manipulations · Digital painting and game assets · 3D · GIFs · Motion graphics · Video editing · Full-code web development · Domain and hosting · Copywriting · Fillable or interactive PDF documents

  • Do you offer refunds?

    Unfortunately not. Due to the amount of research and pressure put in to produce high-quality work in a short period of time, it becomes difficult to justify going uncompensated for the time and effort.

  • What if I still have questions?

    If you have any additional questions feel free to contact

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